Work in Progress - Building up a painting with Cold Wax Medium


Hello my friends!

Now that I for once have taken pictures during my painting process, I would like to show you how I painted this lady in Oils mixed with Cold Wax Medium! And since there is nothing so scary as a white canvas, it is best to start with an energetic underpainting! I mixed my oil paints with Cold Wax Medium and created textures with all sorts of mark making tools. 



 Since this painting is on canvas, I can not apply too many layers or the paint will crack. By adding a bit of Gamblin solvent free gel the risk of cracking will be less. Best is to paint on a wooden panel, cradled or not, then you can add as many layers as you want!




If you really don't know where to go next, put your painting on apps like ArtRage or Procreate to try out different options. Clean and easy! 



Should there be a second figure?

Not sure about the second figure, I feel that she is too much off the canvas. I think I should have moved the first figure more to the left. 

Finally she preferred to be 'On her own'! It is always difficult to decide when to stop! 



on her own5.jpg