Painting with Cold Wax Medium

Painting with Cold Wax Medium - Marina Teding van Berkhout

My dear creative friends!

As you all know I am hooked on Cold Wax Medium and I love to talk about it to get more and more people to use this beautiful technique! Since there is already so much information on Cold Wax Medium in English, I have decided to write my blogs in Dutch (and eventually in French). But I will put the links in this blog that helped me a great deal to find out more about this wonderful medium. Be sure to come back once in a while because I will keep adding interesting info on the medium when I find it!

Ins and Outs


Everything on Cold Wax Medium can be found on the site of Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin called Squeegeepress.


Their book is a great source of information but it can be a bit overwhelming because 'everything you need to know is in there! :

boek Cold Wax Medium - blog Marina Teding van Berkhout

When I just started to work with Cold Wax Medium, I found Serena’s Bartons book ‘ Painting with Cold Wax ‘ very helpful. It is not as extensive as the Cold Wax Book, but in the beginning too much information can be confusing too! So I really recommend starting with this book!

Painting with CWM - Serena barton Blog Marina Teding van Berkhout

Online classes

workshop Figurative Cold Wax medium

I am very excited that I have my own Solo Online Class ‘Beyond the Layers’ -creating with cold wax and oil on Ivy Newports platform. In this class I will explain you how I build up my paintings, make beautiful textures, add the figure and so much more!:

I am also part of the guestteachers of the yearlong course Let’s Face It 2019 and Paint Your Heart and Soul 2019.

In each course I do a Mini and a Main lesson where I show you how I work with the cold wax medium.

Let’s Face It, hosted by Kara Bullock:

Paint Your Heart and Soul, hosted by Olga Furman:


Another interesting class in Cold Wax is ‘Exploring Cold Wax Abstracts’ by Jodi Ohl:


YouTube is a great resource if you want to see some amazing artists at work!

Lisa B. Boardwine

Linda Benton McCloskey

Pamela Caughey - I especially love her ‘How to make Cold Wax Medium’ video. We tried it and it worked perfectly!

If there are any other interesting tips, videos, articles, books etc. on Cold Wax Medium, please let me know! And of course if you have any question, don’t hesitate to drop me a note on

I will soon write a blogpost on my own creative process, in English!

xox, Marina